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This month we are focusing on more Whiffahugs family care. Kathy will be going through surgery and Dan is undergoing chemo. We will keep you posted on when we can bring back our beloved handmade Hugs.

What is better than having your oils on hand?  Having your oils on a cute critter that is the size of your hand! 

Welcome to our handmade Hug collection. 😃 Here you will find that every piece of every Hug is hand cut and hand sewn. Made with top quality materials these Hugs are stuffed with lots of love. Be sure to check out our FAQ for washing instructions.

Handmade Pocket Hug styles are rotated monthly. Be sure to watch our social media pages for updates! 

PLEASE NOTE: All Handmade Hugs ship within 2-3 weeks from order date.

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