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Care Program

Would you like a Hug but are unable to afford one? 
- or
Would you like to donate a Hug but don't know who to send it to?

We have you both covered with our new Care Program. 😄 Fill out the form below according to your needs and we will match you with a donor or recipient via email. Once you receive your match email, it will be up to you to contact your new friend and work out the details of the purchase between you both*. 

Please know that if you are a recipient, this means that you will need to provide your donor with a shipping address. 😉

We hope this program starts many new friendships and that with it more Hugs will be helping more people. ❤️

*Whiffahugs or any Whiffahugs staff member is not responsible for any disputes that may occur between our matched participants. All transaction details are to be worked out between the donor and the recipient. 

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