Pocket Hugs - Dog Essential Oil Diffuser Plushie
Pocket Hugs - Dog Essential Oil Diffuser Plushie
Pocket Hugs - Dog Essential Oil Diffuser Plushie

Pocket Hugs - Dog Essential Oil Diffuser Plushie

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What is better than having your oils on hand? Having your oils on a cute critter that is the size of your hand! 😃

When kids go back to school sometimes anxiety can run a little higher than normal and oils can make a big difference in keeping those anxious feelings manageable. But sending your kid to school with several bottles just doesn't work. Forms need to be filled out and bottles need to be kept in the school office and how does that help? Plain and simple - it doesn't!

This is the reason why Whiffahugs was born and why Pocket Hugs are the best things ever!! 4-5 drops of your child's oil will last up to a week on any one of these critters and they can have it on them at all times without needing to fill out any forms saving moms both time and money! Due to their small size, Pocket Hugs can literally fit right into a child's pocket for ease of access. We always make sure to include soft textures to give kids that "safety blanket" comfort but in a cute and friendly way that other kids will want to share in eliminating bully activity. In addition, they can be taken out whenever needed but also easily put away to avoid classroom distractions.


*Pocket Hugs are about the size of a 15ml bottle making them the perfect size to stuff in your pocket or bag.

*Pocket Hugs are made with felt - the winning material in our oil tests. Scent can last for days, even weeks, thanks to the felt.

*Hand sewn using a blanket stitch for lasting durability.

*Mess free, portable way of inhaling oils from the hand.

*Easy to carry with you on the go or display.



*Colors may differ from screen to screen and may also be slightly different in person.

*All items are handmade. Imperfections are to be expected and lovingly cherished.

*All Whiffahugs sales are final, but we are happy to replace broken items.