Where did the store go?!
It is headed to the factory!!!

The demand for our Hugs got so great, we need to switch to manufacturing! This is a huge goal for us and we have all of you to thank for it! It may take us some time to make this happen and we know it will require our full attention, so until then our store is on pause so that we may work hard at bringing you the best Hugs imaginable.
Please stick with us and we will keep you posted via social media as we travel along on this new adventure. New Hugs and a brand new shopping experience are on the way!

What is a Whiffahug?

Fundraising Phase 2

Photos definitely don't do this plushie justice! The quality and craftsmanship is first class, and I absolutely love my Hug. Thank you so much! xx


Purchased a Hug for my daughter who has anxiety. She loves snuggling with it when she is feeling overwhelmed. The best part is that it is so discreet for her to use. Thank you for providing such quality work! Will definitely recommend to others.


I just can’t brag enough about how sweet the shop owner, Liz is. The quality of her products are amazing! I will always shop here!