Sometimes Journals

Welcome to the Sometimes Journals!

Designed with ADHD in mind, the Sometimes Journals are intended to give you freedom to be yourself without pressure. These are specialized journals that also double as a second type of book to give you more freedom to bounce around. Sometimes they are a journal, but sometimes they are also a sketchbook, or a water tracker, or a list maker, or a task master, or a recipe book depending on which Sometimes Journal you get.

Covers are made to poke fun at our grumpy side in a cute and adorable way and the last page of each book contains a motivational message to help you keep going. These books are intended to help give folks the freedom to journal while doing something else at the same time.

Let's Meet The Journals! 

The Sketchbook:

In this book, pages are split between writing space and drawing space and are covered in fun paint splatters to help get your creative juices flowing. So far, our Sketchbook Journal is our most popular journal.

The Water Tracker: 

Our Water Tracker Journal pages are designed to help folks that have a hard time remembering to hydrate. For every time you remember to do so, we provided a leaf or a flower to color in and give yourself some props for remembering. 

The Food Tracker:

Like our Water Tracker, the Food Tracker Journal is not so much about what you eat, but rather Did You Eat Yet Today? A huge part of ADHD is stopping to eat. It just doesn't register and seems unimportant even though it very much is! This is why we designed our Food Tracker to help you stay on top of making sure you eat. The Food Tracker also comes with a recipe pages making this book a triple function journal.

The Idea Manager:

The Idea Manager is for folks that are constantly bombarded with cool ideas. Now you have a place to sort them out. Pages switch between typical journal pages to pages that will allow you to write down your ideas and give you space to sort out why you think it is a good idea and what you need to get it done. Then we added a space for you to give yourself props for when you do. 

The Meditation Doodler:

Meditating can be a hard thing to do when your brain feels like it just wants to bounce. So we designed the Meditation Doodler. These pages not only give you space to write but also small sections to scribble in so that you can trick your brain into giving it an activity and helping you to calm things down. We also included a page to help you learn how to do Box Breathing which is a tested method of mindfulness and restoration making this another triple function journal.

Our Sometimes Journals are now available on Amazon for purchase. We hope you love them.