About Us


Hi! We are Kathy and Elizabeth the mother/daughter team behind Whiffahugs.

We started our oil journey about a few years ago and quickly fell in love with them. They have made a big difference in our lives. Since our journey began we have learned a lot and have made some amazing oil friends! We love that others share in our passion for essential oils.

Our story began one night when, while attending an on-line oil-diffuser jewelry sale, Elizabeth noticed that many of the shopping attendants were asking for kid-friendly options. It seemed that most of the portable diffusers being offered were adults only. Some even mentioned that their children had allergies to metal. Being a part-time nanny, Elizabeth knew how much kids benefited from oils and how this was a problem that needed to be fixed, and fast! The work began immediately!

With Kathy by her side, the next nine months were spent designing, creating, and testing all kinds of non-metal materials such as wood, felt, cotton fabric, nylon and even bamboo, to see how they would hold up to the oils, everyday living, and most of all – kids!

We at Whiffahugs know that kids and life can be hard on our favorite things, so we made sure to get real-life feedback from real kids on all of our kid-specific items. If the kids didn’t like it, we tossed it. Their product, their call!

But don’t worry moms! We didn’t forget about you! Your job is crazy, hectic, and HARD! We thought you deserved a little something special too. We heard your requests for a no-tech car diffuser, a fun yet functional way to carry your oils and sanitizer, and a “please make bedtime easier” option. All of these things and more await you in our shop.

We have grown up quite a bit since the beginning and we are happy to say that we are very proud of our kid - and mom - tested product line! Our products are now shipped around the globe and we have even added to our staff. We have more plans to grow and more exciting things in the works all thanks to the love and support of our growing fan base.

If you find that your Whiffahug does not live up to your expectations, please contact us immediately as we value your input! We are also happy to hear your requests for future products that we may not have thought of. We want to help make your oil adventure as happy and convenient as possible and we look forward to your feedback.

From our oily family to yours – Welcome to Whiffahugs! 😀