Meet Whiffy The Elephant

The Whiffy Story

Collecting elephants is a long standing family tradition that started with our mother and co-owner Kathy. Kathy’s father worked for the railroad and they were always having to move to a new house because of it. So everywhere she went, Kathy collected a new elephant. Having a elephant with it’s trunk pointed upwards placed somewhere in your home is seen as being lucky and believed to bring good fortune to the household. They also symbolize strength, good health, and long life. To us, having an elephant be the face of our company made perfect sense. Lucky for us, we knew just who to ask.

Whiffy is our connection to the all the Littles because he is a Little himself. Just like your child, our kid Whiffy loves to play and have fun but he also gets scared and that’s OK. Whiffy has realized that it makes him feel good to help other kids with their fears because he can let them know they are not alone and they have a friend in him. Whiffy loves to make new friends and likes to have many pen-pals from all over. We help him write letters to the Littles who ask for one and every so often, they write him back. Even though he can not attend school and help the Littles face their fears in person, he hopes that through the help of Pocket Hugs, and Cuddle Hugs they can feel empowered when it comes to facing their fears. Whiffy has won the hearts of many kids around the world and we love that!